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Who We Are

The Chronic Care Policy Alliance (CCPA) organized to work in partnership with multi-state and regional advocacy coalitions to further good public policy for patients suffering from chronic disease.

Dedicated to achieving better access to affordable,  quality health care, including appropriate medication and specialty therapies often prohibitive by cost, the CCPA, lends its experience regarding legislative action and public policy creation in support of statewide and regional networking development, beginner through advanced advocacy training, and state-to-state coalition building to support the success of many.


Bridging the Gaps through Core Principals

As an extension of, and building upon the public policy successes of the California Chronic Care Coalition (CCCC), the following core principals continue as the foundation of CCPA.

  • Prevention
  • Affordability
  • Access to Care
  • Quality and Appropriate Health Care
  • Prevention and Wellness
  • Coordination of Care


About The California Chronic Care Coalition

The California Chronic Care Coalition (CCCC) is an alliance of more than 30 leading consumer health organizations and provider groups that promote the collaborative work of policy makers, industry leaders, providers and consumers to improve the health of Californians with chronic conditions.